An excellent, independently-run home offering Residential and 24-hour Nursing Care.

Wonderful, tender, loving, attentive care in a welcoming, stimulating atmosphere.

A Care Home should be managed with humanity and understanding.

Personal relationships should be at the heart of any Home.

Day Trip to Coombe Woods

The Residents spent a lovely day at Coombe Woods Gardens - an oasis in the woods! Everyone thought it looked beautiful and came back recommending it for a return visit.

Toddlers Group Return

The return of the Toddler Group from St Peter & St Pauls Church made for an very enjoyable morning. Residents joined in the fun & games and sang songs with the group.

Elvis is in the building?!!

Elvis came to sing to the Residents today and he got everybody 'bopping' and clapping to tunes such as Blueberry Hill, Love me Tender etc Luckily our Residents arent prone to screaming and throwing themselves at Elvis's feet so no...

Nigel Dawson talks about the 1970's

A great afternoon spent remembering the good and bad Films, Music and TV from the 1970's. From 'Tie a Yellow Ribbon and Waterloo' to the Smash get Mash adverts. Lots of memories and laughter.

Flower Arranging

Residents enjoyed cutting and arranging flowers to put into little vases for their rooms. It was a very relaxing and enjoyable morning. We regularly do flower arranging and potting to remind residents of their gardens and love of flower and vegetable...